Whiny Twitter Hippies Should STFU

by Mark Pilatowski on May 19, 2010

Twitter Hippy CryingTwitter is a free service. Nobody pays anything to use Twitter. Apparently that’s not enough for everyone. It seems that some people are not happy unless the free service they are using never ever attempts to make any of the money the founders or investors have put it into it. It’s such a ridiculously idiotic and entitled mindset that it should be ignored but I had to comment on it here because I really don’t understand WTF this dude is even talking about. My rant stems from this article complaining about the fact that Twitter search is not serving up old school Re-Tweets. For the most part the article is fine and actually provides some good advice on how to circumvent the situation.  I tend to agree that the official Re-Tweet feature is kind of lame and I rarely use it but I really never lost my shit because of it, but that’s just me. The thing is it makes no sense to pollute the Twitter search results with a string of Re-Tweets. That would be a horrible user experience so it makes sense to filter them out. After some seemingly useful advice the article turns into a bizzarre rant about how Twitter is an evil vile organization that hates it’s users and reeks of crass commercialism? I can almost understand getting a bit upset about Re-Tweets not showing up in search but I have no idea where the insane rant comes from. One of his comments really killed me.

“It’s the inept management style and crass commercialization of the company that bothers me, and their constant failure to listen to their users.”

Twitter is a business not a hippy commune

That means they need to make money. Investors have pumped millions into the company and they expect some sort of return. That means Twitter is going to have to find ways to monetize their service. They have worked out deals with some search engines to get access to their data. Is that the crass commercialism our friend is talking about. I don’t really see how. All that does is provide more distribution for Twitter users and more places to find Tweets by searchers looking for relavent content. Is it the ads pasted all over Twitter? Oh, wait unlike his Blogpsot blog they don’t slather their service with ads. Is it Promoted Tweets? I suppose it could be but I have not witnessed these ads taking over search reults and they do not appear in the Twitter stream yet. As I have stated I actually think Promoted Tweets are an elegant solution because they require the community to essentially vote for the ad to keep it in the results. I mean I suppose this could be annoying to some people but why would the whiners use a Google product instead of an open source blogging solution if they were really concerned about crass commercialism? To me the writer is overly upset because of the fact that Twitter is favoring the official Re-Tweet functionality (and there are valid algorithmic and user experience reasons for that) and decided to jump on his Blogspot blog and rattle an anti-establishment rant that really makes no sense as it relates to Twitter. Oh well, to each his own and there is always Plurk. No worries about commercialization there.

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