Big Day at Twitter Chirp Conference

by Mark Pilatowski on April 15, 2010

After the big monetization announcement from Twitter the news kept coming today. Of course since it was the first day of their Chirp Conference that’s to be expected. Most of the big announcements were not about additional monetization efforts, at least direct monetization efforts. Since it was a developers conference most of the content was about how new features will impact developers. That being said the new features leave additional monetization opportunities open for Twitter as well as developers. Many developers were none too pleased with Twitter after they launched an official Twitter for Blackberry App, hinted at the possibility of a URL shortener, and read the writing on the wall regarding Twitpic  & Tweetvid. Third party developers a HUGE reason for Twitter’s success up to this point and it seems like they want to keep them involved in Twitter’s evolution even as they begin to grab more of the market that developers dominated. IMO this is just the beginning of the battle between developers and Twitter and I for one am interested in watching what happens next. That being said here are a few of the big announcements from the Chirp Conference today.

New Announcements from The Chirp Conference

  • Places: Don’t call it a check-in but this is Twitter’s foray into a location based service. They recently launched a location feature to Tweets but Places is much more precise in bringing more context to local Tweets.
  • User Stream API: User Stream provides more detailed and granular information to developers about user actions. Instead of just getting user Tweets, Re-Tweets, etc. they will be receiving more detailed data about friending, following, favoriting, etc. User Stream provides a much more robust view of how Twitter users utilize the service than they previously had.
  • Annotations: As someone with an SEO background this one interests me quite a bit. Basically they are providing developers the opportunity to create new meta-data for Tweets. This is an interesting concept as it allows developers to identify unique data points and content that may contribute to how Tweets are interpreted behind the scenes and eventually how they are appearing in Twitter search. I’m looking forward to seeing how annotations are applied and how they evolve across platforms.
  • The official developer resource, and probably the most popular announcement at the Chirp Conference. will provide code documentation, methods for building API calls, and a number of additional features to make developers lives easier. It will be interesting to see how this develops as well.

What’s Next at Chirp?

Tomorrow is the second and final day of the Twitter Chirp Conference and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have coming next. I’m most interested in seeing how Twitter, and third party developers, will be able to tie the new features and options available into a monetization strategy. The big announcement of Promoted Tweets looms large but I believe that the opportunity for profitability exists in some of the new features announced at Chirp today. Looking forward to day two.

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