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by Mark Pilatowski on April 30, 2010

It’s been a while since Twitter Promoted Tweets were announced and launched so I decided to take a quick look and see what the original advertisers are doing right now. While there are differing levels of activity and reach it seems that most are still testing the waters. None seem to be going “whole hog” and buying ads on all of their targeted terms like they might with paid search. Some are definitely targeting outside of just their branded terms but nobody is attempting to cover more than a select few terms or concepts. I expect that to change as advertisers become more comfortable with the platform and more competition jumps on board.

Best Buy is the early leader

Best Buy seemed to be the most advanced as they targeted their brand names along with some generic terms and even had Promoted Tweets focused on their electronics recycling campaign. I conducted some additional searches around other popular Best Buy products and services but they left a large portion un-promoted. That leaves a lot of room for improvement but they were the clear leaders when compared to the other advertisers I looked at.

Best Buy Branded

Best Buy Branded Promoted Tweet

Best Buy HDTV

Best Buy HDTV Promoted Tweet

Best Buy Recycling

Best Buy Recycling Promoted Tweet

Virgin America doing OK

Virgin America was targeting their brand and some other terms but they seem to be missing some opportunities that would be important to their business. While a Promoted Tweet is displayed when one searches for “energy drink” they don’t have an ad for “airline” searches. Like Best Buy they did cover more than their brand name but they have a lot of room for improvement.
virgin airlines branded

Virgin Airlines Branded Promoted Tweet

virgin america energy drink

Virgin America Energy Drink Promoted Tweet

virgin america airlines

No Promoted Tweet for Airlines

Starbucks captures the bronze

Starbucks had branded Promoted Tweets and another ad targeting their cup summit to advance recycling efforts. The funny thing about this is that they were not buying recycling Promoted Tweets. This is actually how I found the Best Buy recycling ad. They are also not purchasing coffee ads. Obviously Starbucks does not have the same deep paid search background that Best Buy and other advertisers do but they will need to step up their game to make their efforts worthwhile.

starbucks branded

Starbucks Branded Promoted Tweet

starbucks cup summit

Starbucks Cup Summit Promoted Tweet

starbucks no coffee ads

Starbucks not buying Coffee Promoted Tweets

Bravo & Sony Pictures are invisible

To be fair I’m not sure if they simply have not run any Promoted Tweets or if they were not being displayed due to a low resonance score or if they just suck. In any case I could not find any ads for either of these advertisers. I conducted brand searches as well as searches for popular Bravo TV shows like the Real Housewives or upcoming Sony movies like The Karate Kid.  Neither appeared for anything but again it may just be because they are not advertising yet.

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures No Ad

Karate Kid

No Promoted Tweet for Karate Kid

Bravo Network

No Promoted Tweet for Bravo Network

The Real Housewives

No Promoted Tweet for The Real Housewives

Watch it grow

I am going to continue to watch Promoted Tweets to see not only the growth but how advertisers are utilizing the space. I have a feeling that there will be some awesome implementations along with some epic failures. If anyone other there has some examples that they can share please let me know. I look forward to seeing the evolution and growth as Promoted Tweets moves forward.

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