About My Resonance Score

My Resonance Score was developed to explore the official Twitter Advertising system and understand how Resonance Score works. While the initial focus was on Twitter Resonance Score I have decided to expand the focus to discuss how resonance impacts reach, trust, and visibility of individuals and brands social media profiles in both search engines and social media search results. This expanded focus will allow us to really understand how a strong and resonant social media presence can improve the overall visibility and trustworthiness of a brand or individual. Of course, we will continue discussing Twitter and Resonance Score but we feel that the expanded view will allow us to explore how all social media efforts can impact everything a brand or individual does online.

The goal of My Resonance Score is to engage with the social media community, advertisers and users, and share insights and ideas. We want this to be a collaborative effort and hope others are as excited as we are to see how social media expands as it grows tentacles into all aspects of our lives. In the meantime if you have any thoughts, insights, or would like to contribute please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas. Check back soon for more updates and new information about resonance in social media and how it impacts everyone involved.

MyResonanceScore.com is authored by Mark Pilatowski. Mark is the Director of Organic Search and Social Optimization at Reprise Media. You can read his thoughts on algorithmic search engine optimization at his SEO blog and get more social media and search insights from the Reprise Media Searchviews blog. You can also follow Mark’s insane rants and weird ramblings on Twitter too.

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