Exploring the Intricacies Of Resonance Across Social Media

When this site was launched the original focus was to be on Resonance Score and Twitter advertising. While I will continue to explore Twitter and the impact of Resonance Score on marketers and brands I want to expand the focus of the site and discuss Resonance across all social media platform. Like links for SEO, Resonance is a hugely important factor when it comes to social media success. A strong resonance score in social media means that an individual or brand is reaching a large audience and the messages being sent are resonating. This not only impacts perception of the individual or brand but it also improves visibility in search engines and social media search results. The more resonant you are the more visible you will be.

Going forward My Resonance Score will attempt to understand and relay how brands and individuals can improve their resonance throughout the social media sphere. I hope to be able to identify those that are doing it right, those that are doing wrong, and maybe even a few failures here and there. I will also work to provide the latest social media and related news and developments and discuss how resonance may be impacted by these developments.

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